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Valentine’s Day is Good For Business

By CBS2/FOX28 | Saturday, February 14, 2015 |

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about spending the day with loved ones; it’s also about spending money, lots of it. They say love is priceless, actually the National Retail Federation says Americans will spend close to $19 billion on gifts this year. Whether people are buying flowers or a box of chocolate, today is a busy day for many businesses. In fact, the average American will spend $142 dollars on gifts, proof that love is expensive business. The smell of chocolate is in the air, so is the sound of business. “Valentine’s is like this wonderful bonus week actually of everybody loving chocolate,” said Gae Sharp Richardson, owner of The Chocolate Shop in Marion Gae says this day equals a whole week of sales, and business, has never been sweeter. “Yesterday was more like two weeks of sales in one day almost 200 people came in and bought chocolate,” she said. She says the 13th is for those who are thinking ahead, but the 14th is for a different crowd. “Who comes in today, we have couples who come in to choose their chocolate together so it’s more of an experience. We have women who maybe are a little sad because they didn’t get chocolate,” Gae said. Then there are those in the flower business. “Valentine’s Day is traditionally the busiest day of the year. When it falls on a Saturday things are a little quieter,” said Al Pierson, owner of Pierson’s Flower Shop. He says their busiest day was on Thursday and Friday because of early orders. “Everybody likes to have their valentine get something at work because it makes them look good with the co-workers,” he said. That’s what makes valentine’s so profitable. He says they make about 200 deliveries in a typical week, but during valentine’s week, “from Monday to today through today is over a thousand deliveries,” he said. Plus another thousand or more orders from walk in customers, but he says valentines is not just about the business “We sell sentiment and I just love it when people are happy,” he said. So whether it’s buying flowers or chocolate, the point is to give some joy. “It’s the smile on everybody’s face,” Gae said. The National Retail Federation says men will spend nearly double what women plan to spend and people ages 25 to 34 will outspend other age groups.

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