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Eclipse Trading Post brings ethical trade

By Alyssa Vicente | Marion TImes | March 24th, 2016

Ethical Trade. Earth Friendly. Eclipse Trading Post.

As a new business to the area, Eclipse Trading Post brings in a unique, and international flair to Uptown Marion. Featuring certified, curated fair-trade, social enterprise, and global and local artisan-made products, the Eclipse Trading Post is full of unique beauty, and opportunity.

The shop sells mostly handmade, artisan quality items including: green home products, “The Village Table Collection,” body care products, home goods, jewelry, and so much more.

“The idea is to bring beautiful, functional pieces from around the world, into your own home,” says owner, Beverly Blasingame. However, the most important piece of this mission is the social good that one takes part in when purchasing from Eclipse Trading Post.

“How does Eclipse Trading Post Help Change the World? In several ways: by selling products from companies that work for social good and by making monetary donations to organizations that work for human rights and fight against trafficking. We also believe in giving consumers a chance to do something worthwhile with their money while receiving something beautiful in return. Your purchase makes a positive difference in the world!”

(Eclipse Trading Post, 2015)

Blasingame began her business in 2013 as a fair-trade gift shop in Newbo City Market in Cedar Rapids.

In 2015, Eclipse Trading Post shifted to an Iowa City-based, online retail store. This year, Blasingame will open her doors in Marion on May 5, 2016.

As a former resident, Blasingame says Marion is a return home for her. In the 1950s and 60s, her mother and grandmother owned a restaurant in Marion called “Country Cafe.” This being one of the first women-owned businesses in Marion at that time, Blasingame says it creates an emotional draw for her return to the area.

In addition to the emotional ties to Marion, Blasingame is also attracted to Marion’s art focus, and authentic downtown area; a perfect fit for the Eclipse Trading Post mission.

“Marion is in a period of growth and renewal and I would like to be a part of it,” mentioned Blasingame.

Eclipse Trading Post will be located at 777 11th Street, in Marion, next to Studio 811. As of right now, hours of operation are still in the works. Blasingame says she plans to stay open a majority of the week in order to track the need before setting her hours. She is also working on details for a Grand Opening celebration at the store.

While waiting for May 5, check out her facebook page, and website at | PDF

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