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You’re meant to fly, butterfly

By Alyssa Vicente | Marion Times | July 15th, 2016

While these renovations will help lead Marion to its fullest potential, it is most often hard see past the orange cones and construction vehicles and see our beautiful city. To help Marion get through this period of progress, on May 20, 2016, a beautiful Marion treasure was released into the community, just waiting to be discovered.

It all began when two creative friends, Dori Patrick and Gae Richardson got together. Many of us remember and love Dori Patrick from the Dreaming Bear, the charming and creative shop of many treasures and inspiration. Upon closing the Dreaming Bear in order to pursue her own art, Dori had one more creation in store for Marion. Gae Richardson, owner of THE chocolate SHOP, felt that the back of her building was lacking beauty and inspiration. The two began bouncing ideas off of each other about a year ago, initially beginning with a mural. In the end, they both decided that they wanted an interactive, and fun installation that could involve the community as well as inspire them. Gae Richardson commissioned the piece, her husband Dean Richardson did the woodwork, and Dori Patrick did the artwork, keeping the end result a surprise until it was completed.

“The piece symbolizes the change, a metamorphosis that Dori is going through as an artist,” says Gae Richardson. “I did not see them until the very end. I knew they were butterfly wings because my husband cut them out, but I had no idea what they were going to look like, though, I knew they would be spectacular.”

The title of the piece is called “You Were Meant to Fly.” It is a set of handcrafted butterfly wings that are mounted to the back of THE chocolate SHOP. The piece is set out from the wall, giving the illusion that they are coming right out of the brick. The wings are 8 feet tall and can be seen from the street when driving by. The wings themselves are colorful, vibrant and inspiring to everyone that sees them. In a majority of Dori’s works, she incorporates a message of some kind. The butterfly wings too have a hidden message for Gae and passersby to find.

“Those wings are just so beautiful!” says Marion local, Marsha Primouse.

Since the release, the day before the Marion Arts Festival, the response from the community has been incredible. People began posing for photos in front of the wings and posting them to Facebook almost instantly. Soon after the release, Gae Richardson created a Facebook page for the wings called “You Were Meant to Fly – Butterfly.” Passersby can upload their photos with the wings to this Facebook page. Gae uses this page to share these photos as well as her own, along with inspirational butterfly-related quotes. According to Dori and Gae, the massive response from the community was unexpected. People of all walks of life have come to visit, and take photos with the wings. Girls, kids, even guys! Gae remembers the first person to take a photo with the wings was their delivery guy! “There was even a girl who came to the wings for her senior pictures,” added Patrick.

“Uptown Marion has to be patient. These wings symbolizes Marion’s changes and progress as well” said Gae Richardson.

Take a moment out of the daily grind to go visit the Butterfly Wings and post a photo to the “You Were Meant to Fly- Butterfly” Facebook page. Become inspired to do something creative, whether that be in the community or even at home.

Make it a summer destination, and an excuse to visit Gae and THE chocolate SHOP! To keep up with Dori, visit her at one of her workshops at the Hiawatha Library this summer, and visit her Facebook Page “Dori Patrick Art” and her website

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