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    Your business must be currently located within the Uptown Marion District. Your physical location of operation must be within the designated Main Street district. Please contact if you have any questions about the boundaries of the Uptown Marion District.

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    Please note that while all business types are eligible to enter, preference will be given restaurants, bars, and retail establishments in order to fill a current business gap in Uptown Marion.

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    Please note that preference will be given to businesses open until at least 6:00pm Monday - Friday and have hours of operation on Saturday.


    Please explain/describe your business. What product or services do you offer? Why are you in business? (required)

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    Describe your trade area. Where do your customers come from? (required)

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    If not, what will your role be?

    Where do you see your business in 5 years? (required)


    Please complete and submit the provided Budget for Project Expenditures form outlining how you would use the Open 4 Business grant funds for your project A 25% cash match is required. ($8,000 sub-state winners must contribute a minimum of $2,000. State winner must contribute a minimum of $7,000 = $2,000 from sub-state award funds and from $5,000 state award funds.) Email to

    How would you use the $8,000 “Open 4 Business” sub-state funds if awarded? How will the funds
    help your business achieve your goals? (required)

    How would you use the $20,000 “Open 4 Business” state funds if awarded? How will the funds help your business achieve your goals? (required)

    What is your personal investment in the business? What is your “skin in the game”? Include all sources. (required)

    If you do not win this competition, how will you proceed? (required)

    Have you received technical assistance from other sources? (Main Street Iowa, SBDC, college or university, local development organization, SCORE, vendor or supplier)? (required)

    If yes, what type of assistance?


    How does/will your business benefit the local Main Street district? (required)

    How are you and/or your business involved in the community? (required)

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    Will this project result in additional employees, if any? (required)


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    What is your competitive advantage? What sets your business apart from others in your market/trade area? (required)


    Does your business have a marketing/promotional plan? Please explain sources that you use, frequency, and expected results. What is your most effective marketing tool and why? (required)

    What are some potential new markets/promotions you have identified? (required)

    What is your annual budget for marketing/promotion? (required)

    Do you use social media? Please explain. (required)

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